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evidenced in the domination of the mass over
personal conscience, has again become a decisive
factor in politics. This is clearly a reversion to
the Middle Ages. In Russia for the past eighteen
years there has reigned the tyrannous orthodoxy
of Marxism, albeit a Marxism which is quite
untrue to Marx. And human life is deliberately
crippled, in the name of that orthodoxy.

In Germany there has developed the orthodoxy
of racialism. This orthodoxy has a much more
difficult position, since it is not backed by such
a well-developed theory as Marxism, but it too,
cripples human life, and with its forced steriliza-
tion for the sake of the purity of the race, even
goes farther than Communism. Is there any
scientific or philosophic foundation for racialism ?
Racialism is rather mythological than scientific,
but mass movements are always inspired by
mythology, rather than science. Even our epoch,
so proud of its science and its technical achieve-
ment is steeped in myth: science and tech-
nics have themselves become myths. German
Nationalism always had in it more of racialism than
that of other peoples. French Nationalism, for
example, has no connection with racialism. But
in Germany, neither racialism nor anti-Semitism
is surprising : they are old diseases of the German
spirit, bearing witness to the fact that Christianity
never really succeeded in changing the depths of